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Degu and chinchillas

special problems with glucose

This degu has a cataract, as it happens it isn't a diabetic cataract its an inherited one in a young animal.

Although all carbohydrate is processed in the body through glucose, these animals don't handle glucose peaks well. If they have a high glucose diet for a prolonged period they can develop cataracts (there are other causes for these as well).

There is an obvious dilemma, short periods of treatment with glucose containing products is no problem. But, if treatment needs to be prolonged there is a risk of causing cataracts or diabetes.

Our products ProC and ProC Professional are fine for degu and chinchilla as short term treatments (and indeed every other species) but in these animals we recommend that if you need to use them for prolonged periods because of special reasons that you review the diet and reduce even further any other natural sources of raw glucose.

The links below will take you to the ProC pages.

Both ProC and ProCProfessional contain probiotic 'friendly bacteria' and soluble fibre, plus vitamins and electrolytes. These are mixed into glucose for addition to drinking water or sprinkling on food. ProC Professional is used by vets for sick animals and ProC routinely for longer courses (the bacterial count is lower).

Some owners use dipsticks to test urine for glucose. Thats fine but it simply means there is glucose in the urine, it doesn't automatically mean that the animal is diabetic - but long term glucose in the urine is a sign that either the diet is abnormal and may cause diabetes, or indeed that the animal already has it.

On the broader issues of diets the degutopia site and its amazing members have had a great many diets tested and the results are avilable on their site linked below.

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ProC probiotic is a great product -

Your ProC probiotic is a great product, please don't ever change it or stop making it.

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