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Using a Dog Sanitizer as part of a hygiene regimen

OK, we know, dogs aren't as fussy about hygiene as cats.

In fact dogs just love unpleasant areas, smells, etc. Walking through mud, digging, using undisclosed leavings from foxes and hedgehogs as cologne is quite common.

When he/she covers him/herself in something smelly he/she is helping to disguise him/herself. So they can sneak up on prey undetected. It's the wolf coming out.

But you might not be so happy having a very smelly back-to-nature dog running around your home.

Dogs can pick up a lot of parasites which is why a dog sanitizer is a good idea. Particularly in the UK where ticks can carry the sometimes fatal Limes disease.

Also it can be an idea to use a dog sanitizer to clean areas in the house where they have brought their messy feet etc. This also helps when visitors who may not like a doggy smell come calling.

Ark-Klens is a non-scented disinfectant, ideal for kitchen surfaces, it kills E.coli, Salmonella, and flu viruses. It also cleans granite and stone worktops brilliantly.

Amprotect is a simple hand rinse and disinfectant available exclusively through Vetark in the UK market.

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excellent delivery! -

My Fluke-Solve arrived before eight this morning,I just wanted to say the service from Vetark is excellent sometimes I need treatments fast and you have never let me down unlike many other suppliers I have to buy from.


Lee Burroughs


AquaSed -does what it says on the tin! -

I hope Aquased becomes the norm in most fish keepers medicine cabinets.