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Pigeons and Vetark


Aside from their use in support of sick birds, where products Avipro, ProC and Critical Care Formula are very valuable in just the same that they are used with other sick birds, pigeons present extra areas where our products can be useful.

Critical Care Formula pre- or post-race

The normal dose for feeding weak birds is 1 scoop per 100g of bird
But when used as a 'boost' on returning or as pre-race prep then use 1 scoop per kg of bird into the water that bird drinks in 24 hrs.

  • As an approximation say 40 pigeons drink 2 litres in 24 hrs (this is close to the general 120ml water per kg of animal),
  • 40 pigeons at an average of 390g (14oz) each weigh almost 16kg
  • so 16kg needs 16 scoops of CCF

Got Trichomonas problems?

Try Citrosan! Developed to control this problem in wild birds Citrosan is very effective via the drinking water.

See What Our Customers Said

AquaSed -does what it says on the tin! -

I hope Aquased becomes the norm in most fish keepers medicine cabinets.


Avi-sol Vitamin solution - great for ex battery hens! -

 I've been using avi-sol vitamin supplement in my work re-homing ex battery hens. It's proven to be a valuable resource in supporting particularly weak and vulnerable hens through rehabilitation. Highly recommended to anyone wanting to help ex battery hens.