Post-hibernation anorexia

This is a common topic for questions. Our general advice is based on work with tortoise rescues, many used glucose in the baths of newly woken tortoises so that their first drink also gave some energy.

So our advice for ALL tortoises as they wake is to bathe them in Reptoboost solution.

For the really dull tortoises which haven't shown any interest in feeding we recommend admitting them and rehydrating them by tubing them (for home management fitting an oesophogeal tube is worthwhile). Our recommendation is that Reptoboost and Vetark Critical Care Formula be used on alternate days. After the first couple of days when they have been rehydrated we suggest letting owners continue this if possible, giving a small but regular volume of Reptoboost /CCF.

The aim is to keep the fluid intake high (many are lost through kidney failure, so hydration is vital). Whilst providing energy, probiotics, protein hydrolysate and amino acids to minimise catabolism. All this and avoiding filling the stomach which would prevent natural feeding - food should be offered all the time.

Do NOT make up CCF at stronger than a recommended levels in a misguided attempt to get more in. 


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