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Tamodine or Tamodine E

We use Tamodine for treatment of shell rot and other bacterial infections on turtles and tortoises. I’ve recently noticed Tamodine-E. What is the difference? Is it the same consistency / strength solution or is it a totally different mix ?

These are VERY different formulations for totally different purposes. Tamodine is a tamed iodine wound dressing -specially made safe to apply to skin. Tamodine–E is a disinfectant for the Environment hence the name Tamodine-“E” it is useful for viral and mould problems in the environment it is stained Brown so that you can make sure that you have covered the area needed. Tamodine-E is acidic and cannot be used as a treatment

I have a pet scorpion (Hadrurus arizonensis) which appears to have a fungal infection of the feet and legs (small black spots), caused by the supplier keeping it too damp. A web site recommended iodine, but not the dilution.

Tamodine is fine to use, try a squirt on wet cotton wool to wipe the legs and feet.

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Many, many thanks -

 I am not sure of which staff member dealt with my order for chloramine T, but I would just like to say a massive thank-you for getting the item in the post as quickly as she did. To my mind her actions were above and beyond the normal call of duty and I really appreciate it.


ProC probiotic is a great product -

Your ProC probiotic is a great product, please don't ever change it or stop making it.

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