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Vitamin & Mineral Supplementation

Nutrobal and Arkvits for all pets

Vetark identified the need for 'specialist' supplements years ago, we developed supplements with minimal 'carriers' and waste, enabling us to produce supplements which enable the administration of meaningful levels of vitamins and minerals. This is especially important for 'exotic' pets and wildlife, although of course even domestic species can be 'suspicious' feeders.

IN-FEED SUPPLEMENTS (all wide spectrum supplements)
ACE-High   as its name suggests high in vitamins A, C & E 
NUTROBAL  a high calcium and D3 calcium balancer
ARKVITS / AVIMIX   a broad spectrum combination of the two others (1:2)

BSP Vitamin drops for small pets


BSP vitamin drops   a liquid combiation of key vitamins
Zolcal D  a liquid rich in calcium and D3

Zolcal D liquid rich in calcium and D3

   NUTROBAL     a high calcium and D3 balancer
   Zolcal D     a liquid rich in calcium and D3
   Calcium lactate      a water soluble calcium powder
   Calci-Dust      on feed superfine calcium

supplementing calcium

We have various options for calcium support, calcium lactate, Calci-Dust, Nutrobal, Arkvits or Zolcal D


Vetark bird and reptile ranges of vitamin supplements and probiotics

See What Our Customers Said

Many, many thanks -

 I am not sure of which staff member dealt with my order for chloramine T, but I would just like to say a massive thank-you for getting the item in the post as quickly as she did. To my mind her actions were above and beyond the normal call of duty and I really appreciate it.


excellent delivery! -

My Fluke-Solve arrived before eight this morning,I just wanted to say the service from Vetark is excellent sometimes I need treatments fast and you have never let me down unlike many other suppliers I have to buy from.


Lee Burroughs