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Vitamin and mineral topics


This is our 'specialist area' and all sorts of questions are asked, the majority relate to reptiles, especially tortoises.

Our normal advice is that youngsters need Nutrobal most days they are fed, and Calci Dust on the rest - if growing rapidly then they should receive it daily - BUT PLEASE TRY TO GROW TORTOISES SLOWLY. Rapid growth combined with low humidity issues contributes greatly to pyramiding, wild tortoises are used to low quality scrub as food, not the best of the supermarket fruit and veg counter.

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AquaSed -does what it says on the tin! -

I hope Aquased becomes the norm in most fish keepers medicine cabinets.


ProC probiotic is a great product -

Your ProC probiotic is a great product, please don't ever change it or stop making it.

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