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BVZS Chester Zoo March 2016

We went to a brilliant BVZS meeting at Chester Zoo, meeting held at the racecourse in their meeting rooms. Chester is a lovely zoo, our local zoo growing up and one Peter spent a lot of time in while at Liverpool Vet Schoool. In final year he 'saw practice' there with the vet Derek Lyon.

Their new exhibit 'the Islands' is gorgeous, as are all their big enclosures. The zoo has lots of space so they have built big.

iCare 2015

 This fantastic meeting was held in Paris, it brought together the avian vets, reptile vets and small furry animal vets. A superb venue and lots of fun. We had a lovely night out at a superb art deco restaurant which had survived the 2nd WW and Paris was lovely in April. 

Running these meetings together caters very much for the exotics bvet who treats all these groups and this means that he/she doesn't have to go to 3 meetings a year.

The next iCare is going to be in Venice in 2017.

BVZS in Bristol Nov 2015

Had a great meeting of the British Veterinary Zoological Society in Bristol, great papers and company. It was a really fun meeting. Enhanced by finding that use our empty ACE High pots to pack with treats to entertain the keas. Love the recycling!

Protect garden birds in the winter for a better spring

Vetark Wild Bird Range

From natural pest control to education for children, garden birds offer a huge range of benefits for you and your garden. But winter is a challenging time for garden wildlife. Continuing to provide a reliable, well-supplemented food source is proven to encourage earlier laying in wild birds and produce more fledglings in the following spring.

Alongside this, continue disinfection routines will lower the chance of disease ruining your hard work. High-energy, high-fat foods like fat balls, peanuts and sunflower seeds will best benefit your visitors – particularly as some species need to eat a quarter of their body weight every day to survive the harsh weather. As the bird feeder is likely to be their main food source, use a high-power supplement like Vetark’s Sprinkle Support to really protect the birds that visit. The unique, symbiotic blend of probiotic, prebiotic and vitamins aids their resistance to disease over the cold months and maximizes breeding potential the following spring. A light sprinkle over the food is all that is needed to ensure your loyal visitors are protected throughout the year – and significantly benefitting you in the spring!

Don’t forget to thoroughly disinfect feeders and water sources throughout the colder months to ensure you keep bacteria to a minimum and protect young birds. Try Citrosan and Ark-Klens for fast, effective cleaning that won’t put birds off their food. Click here to shop the Wild Bird range

New size Fluke Solve available

Fluke-Solve 50g

We appreciate that ponds come in all different shapes and sizes. Parasites have no such appreciation. It is very likely that every owner knows the problems that can arise when they make themselves at home with your prized fish. To help you reduce the cost of treating your fish for parasites, we've brough out a new 50g size of the popular product Fluke-Solve.

It will sit alongside the 10g and 100g sachets in the range to give owners more flexibility on choosing the correct size for treatment without too much wasted product. To order Fluke-Solve 50g, visit  Fluke-Solve or call 01962 844 316.