BSAVA 2011, a great conference

BSAVA 2011, a great conference

apparently delegate numbers up 16%

We had a good time with the new stand, giving us a new look! We also launched a load of new products:

Avi-Sol  liquid vitamins for poultry
Avi-Tonic  liquid tonic for the drinking water of ex battery birds, or tired layers etc
Liiquid electrolyte, for the drinking water of birds with diarrhoea, suffering from heat stress or other issues

SoluVerm a water soluble piperazine wormer for rabbits, guinea pigs and other rodent, ferrets, pigeons and cage birds

PLUS - a range of licensed medicines for pond fish:
Protoban - our formalin & malachite green solution for treatment of protozoal infections such as Costia or wwhite spot
Fluke-Solve an exciting new product for treatment of fluke or tapeworm infections
Lice-Solve a solubilised preparation for elimination of fish lice (Argulus), anchor worm or Ergasilus
Chloramine T veterinary, for treatment of bacterial disease

And Tamodine, a medicinal wound dressing for fish