British Veterinary Zoological Society Nov 2010

British Veterinary Zoological Society Nov 2010

BVZS members having lunch

Another excellent meeting, held at the Village Hotel Dudley.

We''ve been attending the BVZS meetings since long before Vetark began, Peter joined in the 70's and has only missed a handful of meetings since. In those days the meetings sometimes had 20 people present, this one had almost 200 including students. The quality of the papers and of the chat in the bar is exceeded only by the friendliness of the members.

This meeting was themed on avian medicine and so was of special interest, student Julia Henken won the Vetark Student prize for best student paper for a very good review of 'Marek's disease in backyard poultry'.She received her certificate and prize among considerable banter at the end of a really enjoyable meeting.

Julia Henken receives her certificate