BVZS have excellent meetings

BVZS have excellent meetings

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We have been involved with BVZS since Peter was a vet student - in about 1974! He has held most posts on Council at one time or another including Secretary and President. They hold two good meetings a year, held in hotels but close to zoos for visiting.

The next meeting is Paignton in April 2010, then:

BVZS Autumn meeting November 6th-7th 2010
Theme "Avian Medicine & Surgery" To be held at Dudley Zoo

then the big 50th:
a 3 day Conference from November 11-14th. The theme will be "Recent Advances in non-domestic Animal Medicine"

We seriously recommend joining BVZS, we have been major sponsors for years, it gives an opportunity for the vets dealing with all sorts of 'exotic animals' to get together and talk.