Rabbit Welfare Association & Fund (RWAF) meeting 2011

Rabbit Welfare Association & Fund (RWAF) meeting 2011

RWAF meeting rabbits hutch isn't enough Vetark

Really useful day attended by owners and about 150 vets and vet nurses!

As usual we had a really good time at the RWAF meeting as on 29th Oct 2011. This was at the Village Hotel in Solihull - much recommended!

We heard talks from Sharon Redrobe (supervised by Jake), Frances Harcourt-Brown, John Chitty, Aidan Raftery, Elisabetta Mancinelli and RWAF vet Richard Saunders. Some really stimulating stuff including a very good solid science study (the first proper one) showing that 'just a hutch isn't enough' rabbits are more natural and 'happy' given access to outside space. Richard reviewed what we think we know about E.cuniculi and raised some questions. All this under the brilliant control of Dr.Anne McBride who showed a great talent for improv/standup when the computer played up for 10 minutes.

There was lots of chat, questions, and a chance to meet (and make) friends. Much recommended.