Rabbit Welfare Foundation meeting 2012

Rabbit Welfare Foundation meeting 2012

Richard Saunders opens the Mad Hoppers tea party

This years started today with a Mad Hoppers Tea Party - actually a good dinner at Wood Green Animals Shelter. With an opening chat by Richard Saunders and a closing session from Dr.Anne McBride which was particularly fascinating - the evolution of rabbits in society from their introduction as food animals for Romans to present day anthropomorphised pets- With Bugs and Roger along the way!

The lectures were very enjoyable and interesting - Peter Chaired one of the vet sessions and had chance to catch up with  Kevin Eatwell, Molly Varga, Professor Anna Meredith and Dr. Anne McBride. The lecturers worked very hard rushing from session to session giving versions of the same talks to two vet streams and an owners stream!


Vetark at the RWAF Conference at Wood Green Animal Shelter

Again, Dr Anne McBride got people thinking with a presentation and discussion forum on aspects of rabbit breeding and rescue. Extremely thought provoking!!

The venue was a a bit tricky, quite spread out. But its always a learning curve, everyone seemed to enjoy the day and there was plenty of opportunity to chat.