New probiotic for rabbits

New probiotic for rabbits

ProC rabbits probiotics

 Vetark has been involved in probiotics for over 20 years. Our in-house vet developed a product initially for use in birds – to support sick birds being kept in the surgery under serious stress.

Avipro was based around a
Lactobacillus and he developed a ‘support system’ of electrolytes and vitamins which assisted the product in doing what we wanted. After a few years we added prebiotic fructo-oligosaccharide (FOS) to support the organisms in the product.

Avipro Plus was developed as a ‘veterinary grade’ treatment /support level product but after pressure from pet owners we were asked to develop a cheaper ‘routine use’ product especially for small mammals, this is ProC. ProC contains a licensed probiotic organism for rabbits, plus prebiotic and vitamin. It is recommended for all small animals, especially those going to new homes.

We have now also gone full circle and developed a veterinary version of ProC for small mammals – ProC Professional.