Disease outbreaks in wildlife

Disease outbreaks in wildlife

starling at feeder needs Ark-Klens disinfection

New papers in the Veterinary record

This week (August 18, 2012) sees two new reports in the Veterinary Record.

The first reporting adenovirus  affecting red squirrels in a reintroduction project. The is enteric adenovirus and there is considerable concern about testing prohgrams to ensure that this isn't distributed in release situations.

Disinfection of adenovirus is difficult with chemical disinfectants, efficient cleaning helps (with Ark-Klens) but killing it is difficult - bleaching is useful as chlorine is effective.

The other report is concerning the level of Chlamydiosis in british songbirds. This seems to be becoming more regularly isolated with 6 out of 10 suspected outbreaks testing positive. This really does mean that Ark-Klens has a place, it is very useful for cleansing table and is recommended against chlamydiosis.