ThinkParrots in Woking 2013

ThinkParrots in Woking 2013

ThinkParrots Think Parrots Woking 2013

This was the second meeting organised by John Catchpole of the excellent Parrots magazine. It was very well attended by pet parrot owners - a different group than those who attend the Parrot Society meetings which include a lot more keen breeders than simply owners.

It was fascinating to see how many had brought their pets for a day out! One lady had two African gtreys, one on each shoulder. One had an amazon in a backpack with windows, others had macaws or amazons on their shoulders.

There were talks in a separate auditorium and a flying/information display done by keepers from the wonderful Paradize Park at Hayle in Cornwall. they work very closely with the World Parrot Trust who also had a stand at the meeting.

parrots on shoulder ThinkParrots