Vetark unveils new Nutrobal label

Vetark unveils new Nutrobal label

Nutrobal range

The new Nutrobal labels feature striking new images and concise product information.

In a move to make the product packaging clearer for customers and to bring it in line with the new logo that was revealed earlier this year, Vetark is enhancing the labels across their complete catalogue. Starting with Nutrobal, the new labels boast improved instructions for use, and clearly identify product uses and benefits.

The biggest change in order to simplify the buying experience for customers however is that the variations of each label (bird, reptile, small mammals etc.) have been dropped, and now there will be just one product label showing pictures of the species it is recommended for. Previously, Nutrobal had 3 different labels for a product that was exactly the same, and as a result was the cause of a lot of confusion. This is an exciting development in the larger vision to improve the customer interaction with Vetark, and these changes will be rolled out across more products in the coming weeks and months.

It is worth noting that only the product aesthetics have changed, the composition of all products have remained the same unless otherwise stated.