Rabbits: Health and Management

Rabbits: Health and Management

Rabbit cover

WIN responded to the results of a survey taken from the UK colleges and universities offering animal care courses looking for more scientific information on rabbits & lagomorphs.

Wildlife Information Network (WIN) has researched and now published its much acclaimed CD-ROM "Rabbits: Health and Management".

This publication covers all aspects of lagomorphs (rabbits, hares, pikas, and the domestic breeds). There are specific sections for veterinary nurses, FAQs, and even information for children wanting to keep a pet bunny. "It is probably the most comprehensive collation of information on this subject", said Iain Boardman, CE of WIN, "and like all Wildpro volumes, it is heavily referenced back to source documents". This makes it very valuable to the vet and informative to everyone else.

WIN also have other fascinating collections, including:
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Vetark Professional are proud to be among the sponsors of the Rabbit volume.

For more info or to buy the disks, visit www.wildlifeinformation.org/Default.htm