pdsa announce ground breaking report

pdsa announce ground breaking report

On 2nd March the pdsa have announced a groundbreaking report into the wellbeing of pets in UK. This is in response to CAWC and others identifying the desperate need for surveillance data on this topic. The pdsa have taken the impressive step of involving pollsters YouGov who took veterinary advice to prepare questions which generated the data.

The report was announced at a reception at the Royal Society to add appropriate gravitas and was very well attended.

It can be downloaded from www.pdsa.org.uk and is much recommended. Here are headlines on rabbits.


PDSA Animal Wellbeing Report - Rabbits

  • The current UK pet rabbit population is around 1.6 million
  • The main reason given for getting a rabbit is 'that the children wanted one'
  • The average lifetime cost for a rabbit is around £9,000.
  • 44% of rabbit owners are familiar with the Animal Welfare Act