Proc is great for chinchillas

ProC is great for chinchillas

ProC is fine for chinchillas. It contains prebiotic soluble fibre, probiotics vitamin C and glucose. The vitamin C is there to compensate for the vitamin C which is always lost by stressed/sick animals. ProC isn't intended as a vitamin supplement as such, it is a pre/probiotic.
Chinchillas can have problems if they receive high levels of glucose in food or water for long periods, because like degu they have a diabetes-prone physiology - their insulin control system is not as sensitive as ours! If you find that your animal has long term gut issues and needs probiotic for months at a time then please contact us to review it or contact your vet for advice.
For general information chinchillas we recommend the UK Chinchilla forum


ProC is fine for chinchillas

US keepers of chins are very enthusiastic about giving lots of vitamin C to chins because vitamin C is involved in developing healthy connective tissue and deficient animals can develop dental abnormalities. They correctly point out that chins simply can't get too much vitamin C as it is simply excreted in the urine. See

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