What sort of calcium is Zolcal D

ZOLCAL D contains chelated calcium. Chelated calcium has been shown by research to have greater bioavailability than calcium carbonate (which would in any case be no use here since it isn't liquid!). Chelated calcium is simply calcium bound to an organic acid (or an amino acid) - in our case its calcium gluconate.

We do supply calcium carbonate as well (CALCI-DUST) - but each form of calcium has its own particular use, chelated calcium allows less to be used (slightly better bioavailability) and means that it can be given via the water. For dusting then the special particle size of CALCI-DUST is ideal.

Making chelated calcium is technically quite complex to do, appropriate pH etc, and in our case it is made and packaged in our licensed GMP facilities (Good Manufacturing Practice) and is therefore medicinal quality.

ZOLCAL-D is a liquid veterinary medicinal formulation of chelated calcium and vitamin D3 which can be given directly or via drinking water. Formulated by a veterinary specialist, and manufactured in UK for maximum freshness.
Zolcal D contains - Calcium gluconate 40% (400g/litre), vitamin D3 25,000 IU/litre and 2,000 mg / Magnesium /litre.

To be used as an oral supplement in situations where extra calcium is needed quickly by any species. High acceptance is a feature of ZOLCAL-D.

Zolcal D provides 35mg calcium, 25 IU vitamin D3 / ml, plus 2mg/ml magnesium. Routinely use 10ml (2 teaspoons) per litre of drinking water or give by direct administration at a rate of 0.1ml per 100g of animal.

Or pour/sprinkle onto food at a rate of 2.5ml (half teaspoon) per 250g of food.

For routine daily supplementation we recommend a full spectrum in-feed vitamin/mineral supplement such as AVIMIX or ARKVITS.

Can you please tell me if ZOLCAL-D & BSP Vitamin drops can be used together when mixed in water or do they have to be administered separately?

Our advice is that calcium products such as Zolcal D (but this also applies to other liquid calciums) should not be mixed in water with other vitamin/mineral supplements as the calcium is likely to bind out some of the vitamins and minerals. We recommend using them on alternate days.


Similarly don't mix CITROSAN and BSP, they are both safe but they are likely to interfere with each other, the vitamins are likely to be decreased by the CITROSAN. In general water-based vitamins don't play well with anything else in the water, they are sensitive compounds.

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