Nutrobal, Zolcal D & UV lights

There are all sorts of stories going around about the use of Nutrobal, Zolcal D and UV lights. Here, when we refer to UV lights we mean quality full spectrum lights with a reliable UV component - do not use the specialist pure UV bulbs, I have seen many problems with these over the years. While we don't want to get into a debate about UV (there are much better more appropriate places such as the website of Frances Baines at we do want to try to explain a little about routine supplementation.

Zolcal D is a calcium and D3 source, it is intended for use where normal routes cant be used, such as very small animals or ones with rubber jaw. Tt is also used for small cage birds via the drinking water. We didn't formulate it to use routinely in reptiles. 

Nutrobal was formulated with reptiles in mind, it is a full spectrum multivit and mineral supplement, rather than supplying just calcium and D3. It can be dusted onto crickets or other food. This is the product for routine use.

Neither product needs the use of UV to enhance it, excess UV can keep calcium circulating and being mobilised for stores and put in the wrong place - this is called metastatic calcification.

So why use a supplement when you can rely on UV?

  • Basically until recent years UV lights were not wildly reliable, they have improved dramatically, but they only help with D3.
  • Even now bulbs have to be positioned appropriately in the vivarium, the animal has to be willing and able to bask within range. Good retailers can demonstrate this with a UV meter.
  • Animals need the calcium for the UV to work on, if this isn't supplied adequately UV will still produce D3 and remove calcium from bones
  • Animals also need the other vitamins and minerals supplied by Nutrobal which aren't helped by UV light.
  • All this said, by all means use proper spectrum lights with UV, these also have behavioural benefits. But there is sufficient D3 in both products to ensure that with or without UV light properly supplemented animals will receive enough D3 and calcium.

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