Caring for pigeons

Pigeon nutritional supplements

Pigeons, like all birds, have dietary requirements that can't always be met by more traditional feed methods. In particular, racing pigeons often require additional supplementation in order to meet the demands of training and racing and supporting the recovery.

Avipro Avian supports the natural gut flora at a time when the bird is sick or stressed. Many bird rescuers have found it invaluable in nursing and supporting birds with debilitating diseases as well as improving both pre-race condition and post-race recovery for pigeons.

Critical Care Formula for pre- and post-race care

The normal dose for feeding weak birds is 1 scoop per 100g of bird. But when used as a 'boost' on returning or as pre-race preparation then we recommend using 1 scoop per kg of bird into the water that the bird drinks in 24 hrs.

  • As an approximation, 40 pigeons drink 2 litres of water in 24 hrs (this is close to the general 120ml water per kg of animal)
  • 40 pigeons at an average of 390g (14oz) each weigh almost 16kg
  • so 16kg needs 16 scoops of CCF

Got Trichomonas problems?

Try Citrosan! Developed to control this problem in wild birds Citrosan is very effective via the drinking water.

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