Veterinary probiotics

Avipro plus prebiotic

Our original AVIPRO PLUS prebiotic and probiotic was developed and worked across the species range, but no single organism is EU licensed for this purpose any longer.

So AVIPRO PLUS has changed into a prebiotic soluble fibre based blend of electrolytes, glucose and vitamins and will retain its cross-species use.

Avipro Avian probiotic for birds

For the bird owner we have developed AVIPRO AVIAN which is based on the old AVIPRO PLUS and contains the same prebiotic as AVIPRO PLUS  but now ALSO contains a probiotic organism licensed in birds so it can be used for everything from canaries, macaws to ducks and chickens


ProC Professional probiotic for rabbits

For the rabbit owner, there is a choice of two products containing rabbit licensed organisms. We have ProC the high vitamin C, green chlorophyll containing probiotic for routine use in small furries. Early in 2013 we also introduced a product we had been working on for about 2 years previously, ProC Professional, a vet only product. Both contain both pre- and probiotics.


Then we have the more specialist areas of wild birds and reptiles.

Our product REPTOBOOST is designed for use in reptiles, it is especially useful for supporting post-hibernation anorexia in tortoises.

Our product Sprinkle Support is designed for support of wild birds, probiotics in a vegetable flour base for mixing onto the bird table. Helps suppiort the birtds through stressful times.

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