Special Pets: advice from the experts

More information on how to get the most from our range of probiotics, disinfectants and safe cleansers.

Vetark products have been used across the world for over 20 years.

In particular, many zoos use our products to ensure a balanced diet for their breeding reptiles and birds – many of which are endangered species so every baby counts. Most of our products are designed to be 'multi-species' and in recent years vets have been developing some therapeutic uses for our products which have surprised us! Because of this, we’ve picked up a lot of information on different approaches to the care of exotic species.

In this section you will find extra product information, answers to common questions, advice on product use and a few extra bits which might help. We’ve tried to steer away from complicated language and use terms that will aid you in searching the web. If you can't find the answer to your question please contact us - we like a challenge!

Need a vet?

We have compiled a find-a-vet database to help you locate the vet nearest you with an interest in your pet’s species. Just go to the vet tab, select your species and postcode. Using it means you can always be confident your animals receive the specific care they need. Please encourage your vet to register – it’s free!

Alternatively, The Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons maintains a list of vets and has a Find-a-vet list in which you can put your postcode, and using the advanced search code you can select a vet with appropriate Post Graduate qualifications (eg. CertZooMed) to find a vet interested in the species or type of problem your pet is suffering from. This is available at findavet.rcvs.org.uk/find-a-vet/

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Our new vet-search service is free for participating vets and free for owners to lookup.
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