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Vetark leads the way in the exotic pets sector

The reptile hobby has improved hugely over the last 20-25 years with better information, higher quality diets and supplements, more effective vivaria and a significant increase in captive bred animals. Unfortunately, as a result of their popularity there are currently concerns that reptile owners selecting colour morphs will start to cause the sort of welfare issues in reptiles that have developed in dog breeds.

Vetark Nutrobal range


Vetark have been involved in the exotic sector for over 20 years, and our vitamin & calcium dusting powder Nutrobal has become the industry gold standard product as a calcium balancer and vitamin/mineral supplement . We manufacture the product every 2 months to ensure freshness, rather than once a year to make savings of scale. You can be certain that with Vetark nothing stands still, everything we do is under continual review to make sure that our products reflect the best science and best quality for your pets.

Vetark's own products are kept in stock to make dispatch as fast as possible. Orders will be dispatched within 2 working days unless stated otherwise.
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