Vetarks SAES products

Aqua-Sed sedative and euthanasia for fish

Some veterinary surgeons do not approve of Small Animal Exemption Scheme (SAES), but from our point of view it is very useful.

It has enabled some effective treatments to continue and others to be developed. The exotic pet sector is one which will never have the level of investment seen in agriculture species or even dogs and cats.

Vetark have invested in facilities and systems and had inspections from the VMD to achieve GMP status. We have manufacture on site, batch tracking systems and analytic support for our products.

fish products

 You can download the current NOAH data sheets using the link at the foot of the page. These cover our SAES medicinal products:

  • AquaSed -  phenoxyethanol, fish anaesthetic, also valuable for euthanasia at high doses
  • Chloramine T - external antibacterial treatment for fish
  • Fluke Solve - solubilised praziquantel, treats flukes in/on fish
  • Lice Solve - solubilised emamectin, treats fish lice, Anchor worms and Ergasilus etc
  • Protoban - antiprotozoal parasite treatment for fish

soluverm soluble wormer

  • SoluVerm - piperazine citrate anthelminthic

Zolcal D liquid calcium and `D3

  • Tamodine - povidone iodine would dressing
  • Zolcal D - liquid calcium and D3


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