Small cage birds

Vetark is a leader in the field of exotic bird nutrition which encompasses products for the small bird keeper as well as those with larger collections. Our most popular veterinary bird probiotic Avipro Avian, along with CCF Critical Care Formula are used to support collapsed and weak birds from a huge range of families and species, and our liquid vitamin supplements like BSP Drops and Zolcal-D can be used in the water for those birds who reject supplementation on food.

  • Use Avipro Avian for birds which are off to a show (or post show) or if they are just generally looking in need of some TLC, and can even be used for sick birds being treated with antibiotics.

BSP Vitamin Drops
When in-feed vitamins are difficult to use, BSP provides the ideal way of administering these key vitamins to cage birds.The range of vitamins in a water-soluble product cannot be as wide as those used in feed (Avimix) but BSP is the best alternative in these situation. If you can only use the water route for supplementation then we recommend the use of BSP Vitamin Drops and Zolcal-D on alternate days.

This liquid calcium and D3 product is ideal for use with small cage birds. It gives an easy way of getting calcium into such birds, either by putting it into the water prior to breeding to avoid soft shell etc or by direct dosing when necessary. Zolcal-D represents a major leap forward, a palatable liquid containing high levels of calcium in the form of calcium borogluconate, combined with vitamin D3 and a low level of magnesium.This is useful for quickly supplementing calcium levels where special needs exists.


Health Products

Avipro Avian
Stress and illness can kill birds rapidly,often through a gut upset leading to E.coli or Salmonella problems. Avipro Avian is formulated to help to counteract the gut pH changes which these bacteria need to make for their survival, and greatly improves their digestion. It is extremely useful in a preventive role to help the bird resist dangerous infections. Avipro Avian should be used in the periods just before and just after shows or travel,and it is beneficial any time when the birds need a little additional support to maintain full health.  

CCF Critical Care Formula
CCF is a veterinary formulated high energy liquid food which can be used at low concentrations in drinking water to help birds replace energy. It can also be made more concentrated (follow the instructions) and given by crop tube to weak or collapsed birds which may be receiving veterinary treatment.

A veterinary tamed iodine for dressing wounds and cleaning infected areas of skin.


Aviary Disinfection

Ark-Klens and Tamodine-E give bird owners a powerful combination for disease control in the aviary or breeding room. Ark-Klens is a superb cleanser and disinfectant, effective against Psittacosis / Ornithosis, and allows the cages or aviary to be thoroughly and effectively cleaned with birds in-situ. Use 10ml/gallon. As a final antivirus /antifungal treatment we recommend the use of Tamodine-E during major spring cleaning.

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