Fluke-Solve was created by Fish Treatment Ltd, a trusted company we have worked with for many years. Since Vetark invested in a GMP suite it is now produced on-site alongside our own products.

The praziquantel-based product is well regarded across the koi hobby as a safe and highly effective way to remove tapeworms and skin and gill flukes from many types of fish. Fluke-Solve is:

    •    Easy to use – it dissolves readily without having to use boiling water or solvents
    •    Safe for the fish and for other creatures in the pond or aquarium
    •    Economical
    •    Science based data to confirm the efficacy of the medication.
    •    Contains 50% praziquantel (2 grams of Fluke-Solve is equivalent to 1 gram of pure Praziquantel)

Praziquantel does not usually dissolve well in water, and many products use powder which needs to be added to solvents before use. The special formulation of Fluke-Solve has overcome this problem, allowing you to use an effective dose without the risks of other additions.

Created and specially developed for use by a fish veterinarian, you can be assured of ithe product quality. Fluke-Solve is manufactured to the highest European pharmaceutical standards under the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) Licence.

Comes in two sizes
    •    10g which is sufficient for 2500 litres (550 gallons)
    •    100g which is sufficient for 25000 litres (5500 gallons)

Directions for use:
Bypass any carbon filters. Put the required number of Fluke-Solve sachets into 10 litres of pond water in a clean bucket and mix well. Pour this suspension into the pond and rinse the bucket out with pond water to make sure you have used all of the product. Leave for 24 hours before activating the carbon filter.

You do not have to turn off the UV light to use Fluke-Solve and it is fine to use in salt water. However, leave 7 days before treating the pond with anything else. 

We recommend you scrape after 1 week to ensure the treatment is successful. If gill flukes are suspected or confirmed, repeat treatment after 21 days to ensure developed eggs are killed. Use once a year as a routine wormer to prevent the build-up of tapeworm or flukes.

Extensive trials have shown no toxic effect of Praziquantel on the natural wildlife of the pond. Praziquantel is deactivated by carbon filters so these must be turned off for 24 hours after the Fluke Solve is put into the pond.

Fluke-Solve is marketed under the Small Animal Exemption Scheme of the Veterinary Medicines Directorate.

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