Which probiotic should I use?


In light of the rising popularity of probiotics and to prevent bogus products being marketed as beneficial, the EU has introduced a complicated system regarding probiotics. The end result is that a probiotic must be tested and have demonstrated safety and efficacy (ie that it works) in the group in which it is being used.

Our original AVIPRO PLUS was developed and worked across the species range, but no single organism is licensed for this purpose any longer. So AVIPRO PLUS became a prebiotic based blend of electrolytes, glucose and vitamins and retained its cross-species use until we had an organism licensed for dogs - WHICH WE NOW HAVE!

For the bird owner we have developed AVIPRO AVIAN which is based on the old AVIPRO PLUS but now contains an organism licensed in birds so it can be used for everything from canaries and macaws to ducks and chickens.

For the rabbit owner, there is a choice of two products containing rabbit licensed organisms. We have ProC the high vitamin C, green chlorophyll containing probiotic for routine use in small furries. Early in 2013 we also introduced a product we had been working on for about 2 years previously, ProC Professional, a vet only (and the Vetark website).

For people working with rescued wildlife we would recommend using AVIPRO PLUS, the active organisms is the same one licensed already for birds so AVIPRO PLUS will support all carnivores and birds, you should continue with ProC Professional for rabbits.


Absolutely NOT, the organisms are all safe and in many cases efficacious across the species barriers. The licensing choices are to  an extent commercial decisions about which agricultural market to go for, not necessarily a scientific choice of which group it will work best in.

The organisms we use in AVIPRO AVIAN is actually the same one in AVIPRO PLUS for dogs. it has been licensed for both birds and for dogs!


We are really pleased to announce that our range is now complete again, we have a dog-licensed organism in AVIPRO PLUS,

This is exciting not least because now we cover carnivores with AVIPRO PLUS, herbivores with  the ProC range and birds with AVIPRO AVIAN.

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