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Dicky Bag (banana not included)
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Fed of the swinging poop bag as you come back from the walk?

The Dicky Bag clips to your belt loops or the the lead and is a neat and tidy washable outer in which to pop the poop.

You can store clean rolls of biodegradable pick up bags, you can then store bags of your dogs waste until you reach a bin to avoid carrying them in your hand, alleviate the smell and generally make your walk more pleasant.

Why Dicky Bag? The makers thought we all know what you do with it, we all know what's inside it, but do you have to keep mentioning POO or MUCK or CRAP!!! Let's face it, it's not the most delightful subject to talk about so they didn't want to be so descriptive when naming their invention.

They banded around names like poo-ch and crap sack but they didn't have a likeable and usable ring to them. "hey honey, can you grab the crap sack, i'm going to take the dogs for a walk."
Then they had that Eureka moment!! Good old fashioned Cockney rhyming slang!

Ever heard of a Richard the third? If you haven't i'm sure you can work it out for yourself if not try googling it, and don't listen to those charlatans who say it means bird!

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