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Chloramine T

Chloramine T is a long established treatment for fish in aquaculture, introduced to pondkeepers by Vetark 20 years ago. Now returned, in a veterinary medicinal grade manufactured under the Small Animal Exemption Scheme.

Please be aware that there are potentially unsafe sources of Chloramine T out there, designed purely as disinfectants some of these may have metal based impurities present which can be toxic to fish.

It is illegal (and not sensible) to use these as treatments for fish - don't be fooled by suggestions that *** is a water treatment as a means of evading the law.  We will not support the use of these other products and the doses recommended may be very different!

Chloramine T veterinary has a good effect against Myxobacteria and other harmful bacteria,  Ichthyobodo (Costia), and white spot. It is ideal as a general purpose treatment and is of value in reducing the water bacterial count where ulcer or septicaemia problems are occurring. Because in most cases Chloramine T veterinary is effective at low levels always err on the side of caution and use low doses. At normal dose rates Chloramine T will not harm filters or plants.

Prior to use - Because of the reactive nature of chloramine T it should not be used at the same time as any other fish treatments, other than salt. Do not treat fish in bright sunlight and turn off any UV in the system for 24hrs. If temperatures are low, leave 48b hrs between treatments. 

Chloramine T veterinary is manufactured in our authorised GMP unit.

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