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Lice-Solve (previously know as Mectinsol) successfully treats parasites such as Argulus (fish lice) species, Ergasilus (gill maggot), and Lernea (anchor worm) and can be used in a wide range of fish.

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Lice-Solve for treating external parasites for fish

Lice-Solve® (previously known as Mectinsol) is a specially developed, unique rapidly dissolving formulation containing 1.4% emamectin. Lice-Solve® successfully treats parasites such as Argulus (fish lice) species, Ergasilus (gill maggot), and Lernea (anchor worm) and can be used in a wide range of fish.

Lice-Solve® is suitable for both freshwater and marine systems, including in the presence of salt when added as a therapeutic and is effective from 3°C. Fish can be fed normally during treatment. Lice-Solve® is safe with biofilters and plants. It has been specifically developed by Fish Treatment Ltd for the hobbyist. With its easy-to-use formulation, fish can be treated by immersion in the product, avoiding the need for the problems associated with oral administration of medicines in ornamental fish. It can be used directly into the pond or tank where the fish are kept, or fish can be moved into a separate treatment tank for the treatment period.


Important product information

UV filters should be switched off during use of the product.

Do not use in animals other than those indicated. Serious reactions, including deaths, have been reported in dogs (especially collies, Old English Sheep Dogs and related breeds), tortoises and turtles treated with products containing the active substance.

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