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A premix of Nutrobal and ACE-High for routine use as a dietary supplement.


Arkvits is a vitamin and mineral feeding stuff providing enhanced levels of vitamins A, C & E, plus additional calcium. It is valuable in helping reptiles maintain essential vitamin and mineral levels and is key in combatting stress and disease. It is particularly useful for adult tortoises, iguanuas and other large lizards, and snakes.

This broad spectrum high-potency multivitamin is a blend of Nutrobal and ACE-High (2:1 ratio) and provides a ready palatable source of essential vitamins and calcium suitable for routine use. It provides a calcium:phosphorus ratio of 30:1 which is recommended for maintenance of adult animals and birds.

Arkvits is suitable for sprinkling onto food for wildlife, and because of its high potency the actual quantity of powder required to achieve adequate levels of intake is reduced when compared to the products formulated as general purpose multivitamins by other companies. This overcomes palatability problems which can be encountered when supplementing these difficult animals. Arkvits can also be mixed into home mixes and or home made fat balls for feeding wildlife.

Arkvits can be sprinkled onto food at a rate of 1 pinch (about 1/8 of a teaspoon) per animal. Arkvits can be put inside killed prey (after microwaving where this is used to thaw or warm food). If using live food such as crickets, chill them before gently shaking with Arkvits in a plastic bag. Mealworms can be dusted or supplemented by adding Arkvits to their bran after 24 hours starvation. Use 1 pinch to dust 20-25 crickets or mealworms.

50mg Calcium, 142,000 IU Vitamin D3

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