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Zolcal-D is a liquid calcium and vitamin D3 supplement recommended by vets to prevent and correct calcium deficiencies.

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Zolcal-D for wildlife

Zolcal-D is a veterinary formulation of calcium and vitamin D3 for oral supplementation (which can be given directly or via drinking water) and is recommended to enhance levels in all species quickly and effectively.

Calcium and vitamin D3 deficiencies can cause debilitating health conditions in birds, mammals and reptiles, and Zolcal-D will help correct these deficiencies which are often caused by diet or in some cases illness. Zolcal-D is recommended for short term use, for routine daily supplementation to we recommend a full spectrum in-feed vitamin/mineral supplement such as Avimix or Arkvits.

Routinely use 10ml (2 teaspoons) per litre of drinking water or give by direct administration at a rate of 0.1ml per 100g of animal. Alternatively sprinkle onto food at a rate of 2.5ml (half teaspoon) per 250g of food.

35mg calcium, 25,000 IU vitamin D3

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