Avipro Plus and Avipro Paediatric

I used to use Avipro for my parrot babies while hand rearing. I have again taken up hand rearing but I've noticed Avipro has changed to Avipro plus. is this for all animals as I want a specific avian probiotic.

Avipro became Avipro Plus several years ago when we added prebiotics. Avipro for quite a time contained a licensed Lactobacillus acidophilus organism, we dropped Enterococcus faecium.

Due to licensing changes within the EU we have had to chanage the active organism again. 

The EU is requiring the licensing of active organisms for specific species groups. Unfortunately they first require licensing for farm species before licencing for companion animals and the whole process is lengthy. We now use only licensed organisms - ie they have demonstrated efficacy and safety like medicines.

AVIPRO PLUS has now become a purely prebiotic based product used in all species, while we now recommend AVIPRO AVIAN for birds.

Sadly, the old Avipro Paediatric is now no longer available. This was a special blend of probiotics and enzymes to simulate the effects of mums crop beginning breakdown of food. We can't obtain the enzymes at a price which makes it viable.

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