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BSP for cage birds

BSP stands for broad spectrum. Like all of our other vitamins these are high potency vitamin drops so that only a small amount is needed. They are ideal for medicating water for birds which won´t accept vitamins any other way, particularly suited to the softbills but fine for any bird. See the article on Converting seed junkies if you have a problem bird. The level of vitamin A is high so even psittacines will do well on them.

All of the small seed eaters are easily supplemented with BSP via the water. Palatability as with all of our products is good and effective levels are taken. Several very successful budgerigar breeders are using the product to very good effect (to the extent of sending unsolicited testimonials).

Some owners like to use water soluble products only once a week, with the ´average´ suspicious bird this means that on those days the bird may simply not drink. When you use BSP we recommend that you do so every day.

Contents per litre

Nutritional additives
Vitamins A (retinyl acetate) - 6,000,000 IU,
C-10,000mg, E-8,000IU
D3-1,000,000IU, B1-2000mg, B2 - 4000mg,
B6 -1,000mg, biotin 25mg, folic acid 400mg,
nicotinic acid 20,000mg
and pantothenic acid 12,500mg
Manufactured in the UK.

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