Buying Vetark products on eBay

Nutrobal purchased on ebay

Firstly we would like to acknowledge that there are huge numbers of genuine traders on ebay, supplying properly labelled products with batch and expiry dates on them (which is required for pet supplements).

However we would always issue caution when buying using this route. We have had customers contact us to inform us they have received out of date stock or stock which has had batch number / expiry date stickers removed. Because these have been sold ob eBay by an unauthorised seller,we can't take any responsibility for these, and the product may not be genuine or could have been tampered with.

There are some sellers who are selling what they describe as Nutrobal in plastic bags. This is being done without our permission, and those doing this are using our trade mark Nutrobal for whatever it is they are putting into the bags. We can't guarantee quality or stability of this material and would strongly recommend to steer clear of such products. Repacking legally requires registration under Feed Hygiene Regulations and the product must be labelled correctly. Once made aware of such sellers we will report them to Trading Standards.

Our advice would be to always purchase any Vetark products from a reputable, authorised reseller. If you have any questions or concerns please contact us and we can offer advice.

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