Critical Care Formula (CCF)

Are all Critical Care products the same?

There are a couple of grass based Critical care products available - indeed one is available through our shop (Oxbow Critical Care). Ground grass based formulas are obviously for herbivores ONLY, we view these as more recovery/nursing diets, for when animals are starting to eat again ie. after an illness or to help the weaning of young small animals. They can be mixed with Vetark Critical Care Formula to raise the fibre level when the animal is hydrated properly and able to cope with fibre. 

Vetark Critical Care Formula (CCF) is a zero residue liquid feed for ALL ANIMALS (INCLUDING BIRDS), it can be administered easily by syringe, by lapping or by feeding tube in collapsed animals. It is fine enough to go through a nasogastric tube used by veterinary surgeons.

CCF is a crucial element in nursing small species in particular, very young animals which quickly chill and lose the energy needed to continue feeding etc. It can be vital to get CCF into them to encourage their natural will to survive to kick in and start feeding.

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