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terrier and labrador

Dog and cat owners have a wealth of products available to them for every concievable reason. Vetark Professional offers a niche range of the highest quality toys, grooming equipment, disinfectants and supplements for the owners who wants products that come with veterinary recommendation.

We've used our expertise to select a range of toys that will bring your pets the most enjoyment. Our recommended grooming equipment includes the famous 'Furminator' which removes loose hair gently and efficiently. All of them have been tested by animals!

Our health and cleaning products are well suited to use with cats and dogs alongside exotic pets. AVIPRO PLUS prebiotic supplement is very popular with older animals or animals which suffer from 'tummy upsets'.

Critical Care Formula has been used to raise the nutritional content of food for older animals, and also for nursing weak kittens and puppies. The calcium products have been used with great success in a wide range of situations when the added support may be required.


Vetark's own products are kept in stock to make dispatch as fast as possible. Generally, orders placed before 12.00pm (Mon-Fri) will be dispatched First Class the same day.
Our new vet-search service is free for participating vets and free for owners to lookup.
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