harris hawk

Our Vet and Managing Director Peter Scott FRCVS has enjoyed working with falconers for over 30 years and Vetarks products have been widely used by them.

In general young growing birds need the extra calcium and vitamin D3 in Nutrobal, and for adults we generally recommend Arkvits/Avimix. As a diet day-old-chicks are not brilliant (!) they are often poor calcium sources.

Ark-Klens is simply great as a non-scented cleanser disinfectant for routine use in the mews, or Tamodine E as a terminal disinfectant if you have had problems.

Carrying a bottle of Tamodine Wound dressing is sensible when working birds. And those lunatics like the one on the left should also have a cohesive bandage available. These are ideal for 'trussing up' birds if they have been injured.

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