Infection control

This encompasses several of our products but there are overlaps in the situations that people might want to use them.

We have an excellent alcohol based hand gel Amprotect Hand Rinse which is rapid and effective and ideal for preventing transmission when moving between animals, perhaps where hand washing isn't available.

Our skin antiseptic Tamodine is a 'tamed-iodine' non-stinging and very gentle for cleaning infected skin, or simply cleaning wounds to cut down the likelihood of infection.

Then of course we have a range of disinfectants for general or specific use. Ark-Klens - a safe, effective cleanser, disinfectant and deodouriser for everyday use around animals (or in the kitchen- its great on granite worktops!), kills E.coli, Salmonella and flu viruses. At recommended concentrations its safe, non-toxic and non-scented.

Then 'heavy duty disinfectants' include our own Tamodine E for terminal disinfection when a disease outbreak has occurred. This is a traditional iodophor and can stain (although subsequent bleaching will usually remove them), but the colour is important because it means that you can see exactly you have put it.

We also have Virkon Aquatic which is the safest form of Virkon, make to be safe even for fish (hence the Aquatic reference). This is very safe, non staining and effective against all viral families.

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