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Lice-Solve 10g
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Lice-Solve 100g
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Lice Solve for fish lice (argulus)

Lice-Solve, previously known as Mectinsol is a specially developed unique formulation containing emamectin for the treatment of external parasites such as Argulus (fish lice) and Ergasilus (gill maggot) in ornamental fish including koi. Clear these parasites from your koi with one single immersion treatment in the pond or tank.

Emamectin was originally developed for the control of sea lice in farmed salmonids by oral administration and has been specifically developed by Fish Treatment Ltd for the hobbyist, and its easy-to-use formulation means that fish can be treated by immersion in the product – avoiding the need for the problems associated with oral administration of medicines to ornamental fish. It can be used directly into the pond or tank where the fish are kept, or fish can be moved into a separate treatment tank for the treatment period. Make sure that the water is well oxygenated during treatment.

Sufficient product should be used to ensure that you use 4 grams of Lice Solve per 1000 litres of pond or tank water. There are two convenient sachet sizes -

10g - which is sufficient for 2500 litres (550 gallons)

100g - which is sufficient for 25000 litres (5500 gallons)

Caution – do not use in the presence of Orfe.

Lice-Solve is manufactured to the highest European Pharmaceutical standard under a Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) Licence. It is sold under thre Small Animal Exemption Scheme.

For technical info on Lice-Solve see the link below.

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