Vetark Nutrobal and geckos

Vetark Nutrobal and geckos

Nutrobal analysis

Based on email questions there seems to be misinformation being spread around about Vetark's Nutrobal. We are hapy to answer questions about this or any of our products, and would always prefer to put abnswers here on our website

Nutrobal is a calcium balancer, it supplies loads of calcium AND a useful multivitamin and mineral supplement. We formulated it to comply with the best information many years ago, we have made minor tweeks over the years but generaqlly it is unchanged. We make it in a superb specialist plant.

The summary analysis of Nutrobal is on our website ie what it provides: 200mg calcium & 150IU vitamin D3, plus vitamins A C E K B1 B2 B6 B12 folic, nicotinic & pantothenic acids, biotin choline niacin and minerals P Na Fe Co I Mn Zn Se Cu.

A fuller breakdown is attached expressed in a per gram measure. Average pinch being 0.1g.
In general, dust crickets etc at every feed, for geckoes provide a small bowl of calci-dust as extra calcium. If you are confident that your UV lighting is good and your geckos are producing vitamin D3 (bear in mind that the more crepuscular species may not need or be able to use UV) then you might choose to alternate dusting of crickets between Nutrobal and Calci-Dust.

The vitamin A in our products is as retinyl acetate rather than beta carotene  The conversion from beta carotene to vitamin A isn’t reliable for all species so we don’t use it.