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A probiotic with vitamin C and dextrose for the digestive support of rabbits and small mammals, at double the strength of Pro-C Probiotic

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This product is only available through Vetark and through veterinary surgeons.

Our rabbit probiotic organism is fully licensed in the EU for use in rabbits and is widely used across all small mammals, whether pet or wild. It is suitable for hedgebogs, foxes squirrels etc.

ProC Professional is based on our Avipro Plus formulation and contains double the number of organisms that 'standard' ProC contains. This means that it is especially useful for support of sick animals needing higher bacterial counts, and is also useful for the person treating large groups of animals such as rescues where it can be used at half strength (to give the same number of bacteria as the standard product).

ProC Professional contains probiotic organisms, fructo-oligisaccharide, vitamins and electrolytes. It does not contain the chlorophyll used as a protective in our standard product.

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