What is ProC and why is it green?

ProC is a combination of beneficial probiotic bacteria, prebiotic to help them grow and vitamin C, it also contains chlorophyll. The chlorophyll is there for various reasons which are explained below. It isn’t just pretty, it is an intestinal absorbant with protective effects – and its natural!

Chlorophyll, responsible for the green colour of plants has various beneficial effects when included in diets. It is of course a natural dietary item for herbivores anyway.

There is evidence which shows that it can:

  • Absorb toxins which may cause liver damage making this an especially good food stuff for birds with fatty liver syndrome.
  • In another animal study, chlorophyllin significantly inhibited aflatoxin B1 hepatocarcinogenesis.

In summary there is evidence from a range of species for various beneficial effects, these can't be claimed since they haven't all been derived in animals etc of the species we are interested in :

  • protected against liver toxicity
  • its better than vitamins A,C & E at protecting against toxic mutagens which damage the genes. – NB vit C is in ProC
  • protected against absorption of toxic chemicals   
  • absorbs odours like it absorbs toxins
  • may help reduce some types of urinary crystal formation
  • may help minimize strokes and XS cholesterol

Can I use ProC for my chinchillas?

ProC is fine for chinchillas. It contains prebiotic soluble fibre, probiotics vitamin C and glucose. The vitamin C is there to compensate for the vitamin C which is always lost by stressed/sick animals. 

Chinchillas can have problems if they receive high levels of glucose in food or water for long periods, because like degu they have a diabetes-prone physiology - their insulin control system is not as sensitive as ours! If you find that your animal has long term gut issues and needs probiotic for months at a time then please contact us to review it or contact your vet for advice.

For general information chinchillas we recommend the UK Chinchilla forum

Is there calcium in ProC?

There isn't any added calcium in ProC, its not intended as a calcium source /multivit. It is s designed as a pre & probiotic with extra vitamin C to compensate for losses in stressed animals and chlorophyll (for the reasons above). We manufacture specific calcium supplements Nutrobal and Zolcal D, and a general supplement with loads of calcium - Arkvits.

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