I use Pro-C Probiotic for my dogs but would like to know if it is suitable to use on other animals, i.e. alpacas.  Occasionally I like to give a probiotic following antibiotic treatment.

Pro-C Probiotic can be used in any species, the active organism isn't licensed in dogs but it is still perfectly safe and effective.  The organism level in Pro-C Professional (our veterinary grade version of Pro-C Probiotic) is higher so that might be more useful in your alpacas. It is highly unlikely you will find any organism that will be formally licensed for use in alpacas.

Can I use Pro-C Probiotic for my chinchillas?

Yes, Pro-C Probiotic can be used for chinchillas. It contains prebiotic soluble fibre, probiotics, vitamin C and glucose. The vitamin C is there to compensate for the vitamin C which is always lost by animals during times of sickness or stress.

Chinchillas can have problems if they receive high levels of glucose in food or water for long periods, because like degu they have a diabetes-prone physiology. If you find that your animal has long term gut issues and needs probiotics for months at a time then please contact us to review it or contact your vet for advice.

For general information on chinchillas we recommend the UK chinchilla forum www.CHINformative.com

Is there calcium in Pro-C Probiotic?

There isn't any added calcium in Pro-C Probiotic, it is not intended as a calcium source / multivitamin. It is designed as a pre & probiotic with extra vitamin C to compensate for losses in stressed or sick animals. Our specific calcium supplements Zolcal D and Arkvits are more suitable if you are looking for nutritional products with added calcium.

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