Tamodine-E for birds

Tamodine-E is an iodophore disinfectant, suitable for general purpose aviary disinfection. Also for use in veterinary surgeries, hospitals, schools, catering establishments, shops, and other public and industrial premises as a general purpose disinfectant.

It has the benefit of having a built-in colour-marker, which means you can see where you have treated, and also when you have washed it off. In a solution for equipment dips, washes, footbaths etc its colour fades when it becomes inactive.

In aviaries or on dishes, wipe or rinse off the Tamodine-E before use. Hand dips: For personnel handling food, etc use 15-30ml in 10 litres of water. See the article Disinfection in the bird nursery for specific information. Walls, floors and other surfaces can be washed with a solution of 45ml in 10 litres of water. Use 90ml in 10 litres of water for porous or heavily soiled surfaces.

Dishes, utensils, nets etc: Wash in a solution of 30-45ml in 10 litres of warm water. For sanitising rinse only, immerse for at least two minutes in a solution of 15ml in 10 litres of water.

Tamodine can be used to clean food and also may be used in water for soaking seed or pulses, to inhibit bacterial or fungal contamination. When used this way 1ml of Tamodine-E is used per litre of water. Rinse well before feeding.

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