Tamodine Wound or Tamodine-E

Q. We use Tamodine Wound for treatment of shell rot and other bacterial infections on turtles and tortoises. I’ve recently noticed Tamodine-E, what is the difference? Is it the same consistency / strength solution or is it a totally different mix?

A. These are very different formulations for totally different purposes. Tamodine is a tamed iodine wound dressing specially made safe to apply to skin. Tamodine–E is a disinfectant for the environment, it is useful for viral and mould problems in the environment and is stained brown so that you can visually see you have covered the area needed. Tamodine-E is acidic and can't be used as a treatment.

Q. I have a pet scorpion (Hadrurus arizonensis) which appears to have a fungal infection of the feet and legs (small black spots), caused by the supplier keeping it too damp.  A web site recommended iodine, but not the dilution.

A. Tamodine Wound can be used in this instance, we recommend adding a small amount to wet cotton wool and wiping the legs and feet.

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