Zolcal D

For reasons too boring to explain we have a problem with Zolcal D supply, we hope to have it back within weeks.

It has highlighted that perhaps people were not really using the appropriate product for their situation and that there may be better or at the very least alternatives to Zolcal.

Zolcal D provides 35mg calcium/ml, 25 IU vitamin D3 / ml, plus 2mg/ml magnesium.

For chickens or birds outside natural sunlight and complete diets should ensure that their viitamin D levels are OK. In which case the calcium can be supplied by using calcium lactate in the drinking water.

The commonly used dose of 2 teaspoonsful of Zolcal per litre provides approximately 250mg of calcium.

Using calcium lactate a scoop contains about 550mg of calcium - ie double what is needed, so half a scoop per litre will provide the same amount of calcium.

To provide the D3 if necessary can be done via the food using Nutrobal (150IU/g) - a pinch will supply approximately 15-25 mg of D3 so similar to 1ml of Zolcal. It will also supply some more calcium,

Nutrobal isn't soluble so this will need to be mixed into feed.


Using calcium lactate a scoop contains about 550mg of calcium

Some comments

We have had queries which suggest that perhaps people could be doing a better job using our other products. We are delighted that Zolcal D has been so popular, part of this I hope comes from our rigorous standards of manufacture and ethics.

Couple of points, nothing is ‘like’ Zolcal. It is made in GMP facilities and approved under SAES. Others claim to be but feel free to check their manufacturing license number.

Powdered borogluconate doesn’t exist. Powdered gluconate does, but its not that soluble without the boro- bit, certainly the levels of calcium you can get with gluconate are nowhere near those with borogluconate. Thats why sterile solutions for milk fever contain borogluconate - which is available from the wholesalers.
Just for interest when we started this exercise we were offered calcium pidolate mixed with chloride. They mix them because pidolate is expensive, unfortunately to get adequate levels of calcium both taste disgusting. 
In terms of substitutes, calcium  lactate is a very good palatable powdered source of calcium, Nutrobal can provide the D3 via food. Or BSP can do it via the drinking water. 

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