new microchipping with petDetect

new microchipping with petDetect


Our sister company Specialist veterinary consultancy Biotope is pleased to announce the formation of petDetect which took over UK distribution of the highly regarded Trovan microchip from the 1st September 2014.

petDetect hopes to provide implanters and owners with the knowledge and equipment to ensure animals are chipped correctly. Director Peter Scott was one of the first veterinarians to use microchips in the UK and thus recognizes their importance when dealing with animal welfare. petDetect will offer courses in microchipping to ensure implanters are fully trained and registered for the owner’s peace of mind.


Produced in the EU to highest quality standard (six sigma), Trovan microchips have the lowest number of connections inside the chip and are laser programmed to ensure they cannot be damaged by electromagnetic interference. This results in superior reliability, especially important for long-lived animals. All chips are fully compliant with ISO Standard 11784 as required by EU regulations.


Currently only horses, endangered zoo species, dogs (from April 2016) and certain tortoise species must be microchipped, however they are useful in any animal as it can lead to their return if it strays or is stolen. petDetect hopes to work closely with welfare charities to promote the importance of microchips to reduce the number of stray pets in the UK. The microchips will be supplied to breeders and vets who can produce a recognized implanter number. These are gained following the successful completion of a training course.

The largest microchip register in the UK, Petlog, is not restricted to dogs and can keep records of microchips in all animals. petDetect is proud to work closely with an organisation that recognises the importance of microchip identification in all pets for owners’ peace of mind.


For further information…  t + 44 (0)1962 813554